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Single Tooth Implant

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Single Dental Implant

Why Single tooth implant?

» With the implant in place it preserves the underlying bone.
» It helps you to restore oral function immediately.
» We make every procedure painless and make sure you are comfortable during the entire process.
» This procedure can be completed in a single visit of 30 Minutes.


Meticulous treatment planning is done with the help of 3D scanning systems.
» The dimensions of the implant are determined with the help of CBCT scans.
» The implant surgery is done under local anaesthesia.
» Once the osseointegration is attained, the permanent implant supported dental crown can be placed over the implant.

Technology Used

» The 3D CBCT digital implant planning is an extremely precise tool and helps in determining the thickness, quality and quantity of the underlying bone.
» This digital implant planning improves the predictability of the treatment and implant success.
» According to your bone condition, the type of implant, its length and width are determined accurately, so that you can have the right implant for your oral condition.
» Sterilisation is an extremely important factor during the surgical procedure. We aim to provide Sterilisation above international norms and standards.

Know about Your Treatment Visits

First Visit- Consultation

  • Consultation, Diagnosis
  • In Depth Case Analysis
  • 3D Photoshoot, X-Rays if Needed
  •   Treatment Planning
  • Treatment Discussion & Confirmation

2nd Visit- Implant Surgery

  • Implant surgery under local anesthesia

3rd visit- Preparation for crown

  • Placement of Support for healing abutment.

4th Visit- Crown fixed

  • Cementation of Implant Crown

Lifetime Warranty for Implant

With the amount of resources we spend in procuring the best treatment procedure; keeping them up to date, and monitoring our quality through a series of systems- We Know Our Work is Unmatched! Hence, we have no hesitation in providing Lifetime Warranties over all our dental Implant.

Why would you prefer to be treated here?

We are a rare combination of individualism, commitment, perfection, precision, composure and compassion.
Quality Assurance
Most Advanced dental technology from USA & Germany
Get 24*7 personalized assistance from our dedicated team
We exceed International hospital grade sterilization standards.
We believe in delivering Top Notch Dentistry at the most affordable pricing.
Lab Support
We work in collaboration with the best dental laboratories of the world.
Luxury Experience
Experience Elite dentistry at our dental office in Bangladesh.


Once the tooth is lost, you tend to lose the corresponding underlying bone as well. Placing an implant would prevent the resorption of the underlying bone and improve the oral function. It would also prevent the arch from collapsing

In case if you have lost a tooth accidentally or due to decay or periodontal condition; then you are the best candidate for a single implant.

We only use FDA approved dental implants that can be verified worldwide and we provide life time warranties over all our dental treatments.

The implant surgery is completely painless and ensures that we provide you with a comfortable experience.

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