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Gum Care

Are you suffering from gums that bleed easily, tooth sensitivity, or bad breath? You could be one of the millions of Bangladeshi affected by gum disease. Many of them  aren’t even aware of the problem lurking beneath their gums. Often times, the first symptoms of gum disease are subtle, beginning with bleeding, red, or swollen gums. This is caused by an infection happening below the gum tissue.

If left untreated, those suffering with gum disease can suffer from chronic bad breath, receding gums, and excessive (or often worsening) pain while chewing. In extreme cases, untreated gum disease can even result in tooth loss. If you’re passionate about maintaining you dental health, or even getting it back on track: it’s time to meet with 

What causes gum disease?

Gum Disease is caused by the accumulation and buildup of plaque and tartar along the gum line. Built up plaque harbors dangerous bacteria and causes your gums to pull away from you teeth. When the infected gum tissue pulls away, it creates “pockets” that fill up with even more plaque and bacteria, speeding the process of the infection. A fast treatment plan is crucial when it comes to keeping your teeth healthy!

Believe it or not, gum disease can even affect those who practice good oral care. Using improper brushing techniques, old toothbrushes, forgotten dental visits, or forgetting to floss can contribute to the development of the disease.

If you feel like you could be suffering gum disease, don’t hesitate to make an appointment today!


What heppens at my appointment?

When meeting with Dr.Rahma, you can expect a thorough examination of gums to determine the overall health level. He will determine if a periodontal infection is present, and will determine the severity as well as a treatment plan. Many mild cases of gum disease can be fought with simple cleaning procedures if treated right away, while other cases may require more severe treatment plan.