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Crown & Bridges

We made both conventional and 3D printed dental crown and bridge prosthesis in cooperation with the best dental laboratory in Bangladesh. Also give warranty for all of our prosthetic treatment.

Sameday Appointment available

dental crown and bridge

It is no longer difficult to replace your broken or missing teeth with look like natural teeth with  tooth-supported crowns and bridges. We offering best  3D Printed dental crown and Bridges from best dental laboratory . Materials like layered Zirconia, Monolithic Zirconia help us in providing you the best dental prosthesis with full strength and translucency as well as natural outlook.


dental crown bridge

Conventional Prosthesis:

Tooth will be prepared into desired shape . Impression will be taken for making mould and send to lab for making porcelain crown. Patient will recall for a trial before finalize the prosthesis.

CAD-CAM Prosthesis:

Impression may take digitally with Trios-3shape scanner or from mould. then send it to lab to design and fabricate with Zirconium or eMax Cermaic. Dentsply Serona – miliing machine used to make these prosthesis.

Finally prosthesis will be cemented to tooth.


Know about Your Treatment Visits

1st Visit

  •  Consultation and in-depth case analysis
  • Tooth preparation
  • 3D digital impression
  •  Fabrication with CEREC machine
  • The final fixing of crowns
  • Adjustments

2nd Visit

  • In the case of complex cases, prosthetic trial
  •  The final fixing of bridges
  • Adjustments


what patient says-1
30.11.2022 -Root Canat Treatment. I know dentist very well . I always feel secured in his hand for my dental treatment
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what patient says-2
30.11.2022 Chadni, Bangladesh Treatment; BRACE Dental - "I had a very good experience and undoubtedly had a great journey"
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I was really scared to dentist. I came to know about him from website. I had a filling done which was painless and i am felling very confident about the treatment.
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  • We only use materials with superior asthetics and digital shade matching software to provide you new crowns and bridges with your original tooth colour and shade.

Crowns and Bridges done at our practice should serve you a lifetime.

We take adequate support from the adjacent tooth structures so that the forces during chewing will be equally distributed over a wider area and will not affect a particular tooth.

Certainly not. Our dental specialists will give you the best crowns that will not hinder or make discomfort to any of your oral structures.

It is important to maintain proper oral hygiene for the crowns and bridges to stay for long. Apart from your regular oral care regime, it is better to get a professional cleaning done once a year.

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