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Dental Veneer

Dental Veneer of eMax Ceramic or Zirconium is the most aesthetically durable prosthesis for teeth in smile zone. We are ready to give you warranty as we know we giving you the best veneer for your smile. This is also known as Hollywood’s Smile

Same day Appointment avaialable

dental veneer
  • Dental veneers dramatically improve the appearance of your teeth. They last for very long time, do not catch stain, and they offer a very natural-looking solution. Procedure is very simple and can be done in a short period of time.
  • Dental veneer is very thin and minimum layer of surface enamel need to be removed  . They are used yo improve the look of the teeth for discolored, chipped off, pitted surfaced. Its also protect the teeth from Discoloration.
  • It gives brighter and whiter smile with various range of color preferred by patients.

Benefits Of Having Dental Veneers

  • Brighten stained or discoloured teeth
  • Natural looking and durable
  • Reduce gaps between teeth
  • Repair minor chips or crackingImprove irregular or uneven teeth
Dental Veneer

How it works?

Without any anesthesia the dental surface , which receive veneer, will prepare. Impression will be taken by TRIOS 3Shape scanner or mould of you teeth will form to send it for laboratory.

In laboratory 3D Printer Dentsply Serona used to print out the desired veneer. 

During your next visit, your dentist will check the outline, contour and color of the new veneers before bonding them into place over your existing teeth. 

Know about Your Treatment Visits

1st Appointment

  •  Consultation and diagnosis
  •  Treatment options explanation  and confirmation of options
  • Making dental Mold and planning

2nd Appointment

  • Isolation
  • Mild tooth preparation
  • Digital impression from Model
  • Veneer fabrication in Lab

Final Day

  • Cementation of the dental veneers

Smile Simulation

Dental Braces


Dental Veneers are long lasting and should serve you a lifetime.

No need to be cautious about anything. You can follow your original diet and oral hygiene practices and lead a life with an attractive smile.

Certainly yes. Veneers will not only improve the aesthetics but also enhance the overall dental function

Still Having some Doubts?