Braces and Dental Care with Dr Rahman

Braces with Dr Rahman

Why will you choose us?

  • Offer Dental Braces for all age.
  • All treatment ended up with smile designing.
  • Evidence based practice 
  • Latest technique applied to reduce compliance of patients.
  • Beside all kind of Dental braces we also providing Invisalign, best clear aligner system as an alternate to braces for all ages.
Dental braces

Straightening of your teeth is not enough for best smile transformation and there is lot more to do. Dr Rahman is here to think more from different perception for your best treatment outcome. We always suggest to visit at early teens for straightening teeth if there any concern about smile or crooked teeth as it is the best time to get the treatment with braces. 

Teens is the most delicate period of life journey. So it is important having right treatment with right hand without having any complications and risks about smiles transformation. Braces for any ages always should handled with skills and adequate clinical knowledge and Dr Rahman could be your best choice. 


Orthodontics, That's We Do

Metal Brace

Traditional metallic braces still very popular for its effectivity. From complex case to minor tooth adjustment metal braces deliver the very exceptional and successful result. We work with best metal brace 3M-USA.

Ceramic Brace

Ceramic bracket is substitution traditional metal braces for aesthetic reason. Its clear in color and same effective as metal braces. Its also be a self ligating or damon type. We use ceramic bracket of 3M-USA at our clinic.

Damon Brace

Another name of this bracket is self ligating bracket. Its does not need tied up the wire with elastics. As a result require lees numbers of visit and chair side time. Effectiveness is as same as metal brackets and easy to maintain oral health . 

Starting Your Orthodontic/ Dental Braces Journey is Simple

Teeth Braces

In 1st appointment you will consult with Dr Rahman and will be examined and have radiography of your teeth and skull.

orthdontic -xray

On 2nd Appointment -all details of your treatment plan will be explained to you. You may be offered dental braces or clear aligner. 

Teeth braces

once you have decided to go the plan we will check your oral hygiene for up to the mark. Then in next appointment placement of braces will take place


Orthodontic Case Work

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Dental Braces

Experience Personalised Dentistry

We have on board one of the finest dentists of the country who would make sure to provide you with the best in the world of dentistry.

Dental Braces and Clear Aligner at Banani

Accuracy & Safety

We follow high standard of assessment prior to making any plan for the best outcome of orthodontic treatment. 

Dental Braces

Comfort & Relax

Very Relaxed Environment with friendly reception, TV and wifi. Patient visit only on appointment basis and you may need to wait for very short period sometimes.


Our expert uses so much resources to perform accurate dental treatment. We use high technology to diagnosis and assessment during the procedure. So our clinic do not hesitate to give warranty.

Dental Braces


We plan the accelerated tooth movement precisely with our contemporary orthodontic technique. This can precisely determine the amount of force that is required to move the tooth without affecting the gum quality.

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